Tandoor Oven


Barbeque Tandoor is widely used in restaurants, Hotels, open kitchens and live kitchens for its long-lasting nature and multi-functionality. Barbeque Tandoor has a Deep space in the middle which stores a large amount of charcoal so the chef does not need to worry about inserting charcoal again and again


Clay tandoors are handcrafted in 4 stages and at every stage it goes through multiple quality checks to ensure durability seamless cooking experience.


Copper tandoor is a best fit for live kitchens, open catering and restaurants. The barrel design and hammered copper helps in heat retention for efficient cooking and stands out in every kitchen


Drum tandoors are made up of round mild steel drums with the core product as Clay Tandoor inside. The round shape of the tandoor makes it convenient for the chef to cook and it can fit everywhere easily.


Tandoor to give you the ease of cooking grilled food in the comfort of your home. Electric Tandoor is easy to operate and anyone can make various grilled food items at their home. It has a layer of tough MS steel inside and SS outside which makes it premium and rust resistant. Tandoor works on low energy consumption which saves you from getting high electricity Bills.


Baking in a Stainless Steel Pizza Oven oven is very convenient as there’s no hassle of putting charcoal/wood, just turn on the gas and get ready to savor the evenly cooked and juicy pizza and other bakeries. The focus while manufacturing Pizza Ovens is the slick design and safety. The trolley makes it a popular choice for outdoor parties and live kitchens.


It is usually used in Hotels, Restaurants, because they are made to function relentlessly. Steel Tandoor has a thick layer of MS steel inside which makes them tough and durable. Also, the coating of stainless steel makes the outer layer of the tandoor glossy and rust resistant. It is also Durable and long-lasting and can be installed easily in any place. Tandoor is equipped with side handles and swivel castors which makes it perfectly mobile.


It is a Food grill kitchen equipment used to grill food items including Naan, Chapatti, etc. It is made up of Clay, a type of soil taken from the Indian subcontinent. Clay Tandoor is known for its long-lasting nature and classic design. A Clay Tandoor is mostly used in rural areas where it makes it easy for the chef to cook various types of grilled and baked food.