Audio Visual Solutions

Video Wall Solution

Video Wall includes the hardware and software that enable the screens to work together. Acquiring dynamic and static content as well as control when and where content appears on the wall and to have a clear and high defined visual for your video conferences.

Video Conferencing Solution

Video Conferencing is a collaborating solution that enables users to place calls via an internet browser, desktop, mobile or video device. Participants connect in a live video meeting environment with functions such as typing messages, sharing screen content and hear as well as speak on call.

Sound System

Sound System distributes sound over wide range areas while not taking space on the floor. It takes an audio input signal, processing and amplifying it through a series of equipment in a specific order and then outputting the signal through one or more loudspeakers. With various options from wall-mounted to aesthetically grounded, various options to choose.

Interactive TVs

Interactive TV is a two-way cable system that enables users to interact with it via commands and feedback information. We provide the fitting solution for your environment and situation with seamless installation, mounting and delivery.