Delivery Series

Product Specifications Of KettyBot

Machine Dimension451*436*103 mm
Machine Weight38kg
Carrying Capacity30kg
Ad Display Dimension18.5″
Battery Life> 8H
Charging Time4.5H
Cruise Speed0.5 – 1.2m/s Adjustable

Product Features Of KettyBot

Multi-Table DeliveryServe multiple tables in one run with accurate positioning and optimal path planning
Cruise ModeEnable to cruise in specific areas to provide customers with snacks and drinks
Automatic Navigation PlanningLaser & visual dual navigation helps to detect obstacles
Customizable Advertisement ScreenThe 18.5 large screen can display promotional material, providing a more eye-catching approach to marketing
Automatic ChargingRobot automatically charges by itself when its battery is low.

Product Specifications Of Bella Bot

Package Dimension565 * 537 * 1290 mm
Machine Weight57KG
Battery Capacity25.2V/25.6Ah
Release BatteryThe battery can be removed and replaced to ensure continuous work
Battery Life12 – 24H (Replaceable Battery)
Charging Time4.5H
Cruise Speed0.5 – 1.2m/s Adjustable
Tray Speed10kg/Tray
Machine MaterialABS/Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy

Product Features Of Bella Bot

AI VoiceSupports dialogues in over 100 situations
Interactive LEDIntelligent light interaction technology
Vivid ExpressionsCat-like expressions and features
Sensor TrayInfrared sensing creates intelligent trays
Exchangeable BatteryEnables 24/7 working hours
Touch InteractionResponds differently to different touches


Product Specifications Of Flash Bot

Package Dimension539*515*1050 mm
Machine Weight55kg
Battery Life12H (Replaceable Battery)
Charging Time4.5H
Cruise Speed0.5 – 1.5m/s
Tray Load15kg/Layer (Max of 30KG)
Compartment Space2-4 compartments Adjustable

Product Features Of Flash Bot

UV Sterile Compartment The compartment features a UV germicidal lamp that offers a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%
PUDU SchedulerRobots can communicate with each other ensuring deliveries are efficient
Adjustable and UV Sterile CompartmentsMulti-functional compartments maximizes spaces with UV sterilization
Automatic Navigation PlanningAutomatically charges when at low battery for greater efficiency

Product Specifications Of Hola Bot

Machine Dimension541*531*1226 mm
Machine Weight60kg
Battery Capacity 25.6Ah (safe levels of current in the human body)
Battery Life10 – 24H (Replaceable Battery)
Charging Time4.5H
Cruise Speed0.5 – 1.2m/s Adjustable
Capacity of Single Load Area15KG/Tray (4Trays)
Machine MaterialABS/Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy

Product Features Of Hola Bot

60Kg Large carrying capacity
Pagering function allows real time instructions to be given
Gesture recognition allows you to tell the robot to leave by simply waving your hand
Voice recognition and an omnidirectional six-mic array allows for quick and contactless deliveries
Autonomous Navigation Planning allows the robot to plan appropriate paths by itself
IPX5 waterproof inner cabin can resist various liquid splashes, keeping the machine clean.


Product Specifications Of Panda Food Delivery

Size(mm)500 (L) x 500(W) x 1460(H)
Machine Weight60Kg
DisplayOperation Screen – 7 Inches Rear Advertising Screen – 16.5 Inches
Charging Time3H-4H
Tray Size (mm)500 x 408
Battery Life8H
Battery Parameters24V/15Ah
Light InteractionDinner Plate Tips
Pallet Weight Limit20kg/layer
Task ConfigurationCustomizable Task Settings

Product Features Of Panda Food Delivery

No Coding RequiredNavigation Deployment leaves no need for pasting code, with real time high-precision navigation and positioning
Autonomous Scheduling SystemThe AI multi-machine cooperation networks enables orderly operation, by preventing the blocking of machines and also improves the efficiency of food delivery
Autonomous Path PlanningAutomatically plan the most optimal driving route for efficient delivery