Disinfection Series

The atomization disinfection robot employs the robot as a carrier to travel autonomously and disinfect several points. The air may be properly purified by the BooCax Bubble Fish(BBF) Spray Disinfection robot. By diluting and atomizing the disinfectant, small particles are formed that may efficiently prevent germs, bacteria, and viruses adhered to the surface of the object, with a sterilization rate of over 99.9 percent.

Product Specifications Of BubbleFish

Machine Dimension430mm x 607mm
Machine Weight 22kg
Tank Volume10L
Spraying Efficiency4.0L/H
Charging Time3H
Running Speed0.3m/s
PassabilityPassage Width > 600mm
Slope Gradient < 5°
Stair Height < 10mm
Disinfection Angle360°

Product Features Of BubbleFish

Auto-ChargingAutomatically self-charges when power is low
Precise Disinfection360° Disinfection Coverage with no dead spots ensures sterilization rate reaches over 99.9%
Intelligent Obstacle-AvoidancePrecise radar allows automatic navigation and real-time obstacle-avoidance
App OperationSimple app operation supports timed/instant and contactless disinfection

Product Specifications Of Puductor 2

Machine Dimension & Weight 544 x 538 x 1290mm, 60kg
Battery Capacity51.2 Ah
Capacity 15L
Irradiation Intensity at one meter distance180 μW/cm² , UV-C(254nm)
Disinfection TimeMax 6H (Chargeable Battery)
Cruise Speed0.1-1.2m/s Adjustable
Disinfectant SolutionHydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Hypochlorous Acid, etc.
Average Power Output150W
Working Voltage24V
Atomization Rate4 levels (adjustable)
UV-C Lamp ProtectorSupported
Solution Inlet & Outlet
Max Climbing Angle

Product Features Of Puductor 2

2L/H Ultrasonic Dry Mist Disinfection
180cm* UV-C Disinfection
360° Sterilization
Automatic Localization and Navigation System
Boil-Dry Protection and Low-level Warning
15L Reservoir Capacity
Automatic Recharging